You are Consciousness. You are thatin which all appears. World, body,thoughts – all appear in you. You are not to be found asseparate fromanything. You are the source and appearance of all that is . You need not goanywhere or do anything for this to be obvious. It is the most obvious thing.You are always overlookingit, taking it for granted.All appears in awareness, ordinary awareness now, which is the ground of allthat is, including this present experience. Simple awareness is the commonfactor to all experience.Just see that you are simply present. Nothing else isever happening. See that all arisesand falls in present awareness. Peoplepass, clouds are going by, conversations are going on, thoughts appear. Allunfolds in present awareness.Within awareness, you are appearing toyourself as everything. People,thoughts, worlds, universes, life, death – all take place in you. Identificationas an ordinary human individual takes place in you. You are the source andappearance of all.All experience appears in you. There is only the present appearance ofeverything in and as awareness. Any‘enlightenment’ experience is merelyanother modification of experience inawareness. You need not attempt anytranscendence or annihilation ofindividuality, ego, or anything else. All of thatappears in ordinary awareness. Thisexperience now, however ordinary orextraordinary, is the content of awareness. Nothing whatsoever needs tochange, there is nothing to get or realise. You are Consciousness, aware andappearing as everything.There is awareness right now – whatever the content. Awareness andcontent. Ocean and waves. The ebb and flow oflife. This is it now. You are it.

Nathan Gill