The body is made of food, as the mind is made of thoughts. See them as they are.

You are neither the body nor the mind, they appear and disappear according to their own laws. Let the body and mind work according to their own inclinations and the conditions, but know you are not them.

Miseries abound because we identify ourselves with the body. It is the nature of the body-mind to experience joys and sorrows. If you know that you are not the body, there is no suffering. In deep sleep there is no identification with the body, hence there is no experience of happiness or sorrow. Yet the mind goes on working, taking itself to be the body. It is false. If there is no mind then nothing can be witnessed. With the conviction that you are neither the body, nor the mind, you will understand this fraud.

The body-mind complex is merely an object, a phenomenon, and no phenomenon can act. You think you decide, but that is purely a concept. The individual as an object thinks he can decide, but in fact no object can decide. Everything is conceptual, and the concept of acting is in your body-mind complex.

The mistaken idea: ‘I am the body-mind’ causes the self-concern, which obscures the universe, just as a speck in the eye, by causing inflammation, may wipe out the world. It is useless to fight the sense of being a limited and separate person unless the roots of it are laid bare. Selfishness is rooted in the mistaken ideas of oneself.

To get rid of the habit of the body-mind is difficult and will take considerable time. It is done by substituting one habit for another. The substitute habit is to think constantly that you are not the body. Observe and understand that events are started by your mind, but you are only its witness. Do not participate. Be no longer concerned. All the world activities happen through the mind. If you think ‘I am the body-mind’… then you are doomed.

Any thoughts or actions will be based on body-mind identity, and in order to see your true nature there must be abandonment of this identity with the phenomenal centre. This cannot come about by any volitional action… it happens without any special efforts. There is no question of doing anything because there is no one to do anything.

You can only kill the body, you cannot stop the mental processes, nor can you put an end to the person you think you are. Just remain unaffected. This complete aloofness, unconcern with mind and body is the best proof that, at the core of your being, you are neither mind nor body. What happens to the body and the mind may not be within your power to change, but you can always put an end to your imagining yourself to be body and mind. Whatever happens, remind yourself that only your body and mind are affected, not yourself.

Outside your consciousness nothing exists. All being, like all knowing, relates to you. A thing is because you know it to be either in your experience or in your being. Your body and your mind exist as long as you believe so. Cease to think that they are yours and they will just dissolve. By all means let your body and mind function, but do not let them limit you. If you notice imperfections, just keep on noticing… your very giving attention to them will set your heart and mind and body right. Man becomes what he believes himself to be. Abandon all ideas about yourself, and you will find yourself to be the pure witness, beyond all that can happen to the body or the mind.

You have to be separate from your mind and your body. This is the total message. You are that sense of presence, and not the body-mind.

Take steps to separate your real self, that in you which is changeless, from your body and mind. The more earnest you are at remembering what needs to be remembered, the sooner will you be aware of yourself as you are, for memory will become experience. Earnestness reveals being. What is imagined and willed becomes actuality… here lies the danger as well as the way out.

Does the mind appear in the body, or the body in the mind? Surely there must be a mind to conceive the ‘I-am-the-body’ idea. Realize that the body depends on the mind, and the mind on consciousness, and consciousness on awareness, and not the other way around.

Matter and mind are not separate, they are aspects of one energy. Look at the mind as a function of matter and you have science, look at matter as the product of mind and you have religion. The confusion is apparent and purely verbal. What is, is. Neither mind nor matter come first. Matter is the shape, mind is the name. Together they make the world. Pervading and transcending is Reality… pure being-awareness-bliss… your very essence.

There is no duality. There is the body and the Self. Between them is the mind, in which the Self is reflected as ‘I Am’. Because of the imperfections of the mind, its crudity and restlessness, lack of discernment and insight, it takes itself to be the body, not the Self. All that is needed is to purify the mind so that it can realize its identity with the Self. When the mind merges in the Self, the body presents no problems. It remains what it is, an instrument of cognition and action, the tool and the expression of the creative fire within. The ultimate value of the body is that it serves to discover the cosmic body, which is the universe in its entirety. As you realize yourself in manifestation, you keep on discovering that you are ever more than what you have imagined. As there is no beginning, there is no end.

A person caught in a whirlpool suffocates and drowns. One who dives to the bottom of the vortex gets out. We are caught in the whirlpool of the body-mind… dive deep into the mind to get out of it.

Nisargadatta Maharaj