My beingness was not there, it has appeared and it is temporary, I have no control over it. I cannot be a customer to what God has to give, let him be great, I am not interested. Knowledge cannot be given to all. One loses interest. If you lose interest, even the world stops existing. It is because of the chemical (beingness), the sattva guna that photographs are taken and accordingly that entity grows. All activities are mechanical, so everything happens as per plan. I am talking in relation to what? On what is it supported? It is the beingness. After beingness departs, there is no-beingness, which is eternal. There is no knowledge, no god, no Ishwara. What can I talk? Beingness will disappear. I always prevail in no-beingness. From no-beingness, beingness appears. I should know myself how it happened. Some people praise me, I am like a mountain. I know that nothing exists, names and forms are categories. Nothing good or bad can happen to anyone, It has never happened before nor will it ever happen. So why bother? Form and beingness have happened unknowingly, or else how would I have entered the dirty place for nine months. Even if a rat is dead, one runs away. People talk of spiritualism, in the process, they exclude their core Self. Stay put in your Self and talk. Investigate about yourself. The Absolute is eternal, a no-beingness state, and real. Beingness is temporary and with it appear the five elements and so on, no beingness – nothing. Nothing can give you company in this world on a permanent basis. People will have my memories, some happy, some annoying, on me the impact is nil.

Nisargadatta Maharaj